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February 25, 2013
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England x Reader

"Aaaaaaannnnnnnnd TOUCHDOWN!!"

The sandy blonde American rose up from his seat, the bowl filled with popcorn which was resting on his lap a few seconds earlier came flying in the air, showering a certain [Name] with its content.

"WOOT!!" he screamed "Did ya see that, [Name]? Second touch down today!! AWESOME!!"

"Yeah, Alfie." you replied in an annoyed tone, picking the popcorn from your [hair colour] hair. "Can you be careful, next time?" you added, popping some of the buttery goodness in your mouth and crushing it with a solid "crunch".  

"I was: that's why you don't have chicken wings instead."

You sighed, but you let out a small laugh, while the green-eyed blonde next to you grumbled some insults to the American under his breath; he had been the victim of that one the year before.

"Chillax, bro! We're watching football here!" said Alfred, amicably punching his older brother's shoulder since you were leaning your elbows on your thighs, your back arched a little, while you were giggling.

"No we are not. This is a-- You know what, forget it." declared the Brit.

And with that, he stood up and walked out of the living room; your living room.

You were the one from your friends hosting the Super Bowl this year, and, at Alfred's request, you offered them a panoply of snack choices, from barbecued chicken wings to poutine. That last one was actually Matthew's request.

You glared at the American, while he simply shrugged and sat back on the couch. You never noticed that you always took the Brit's side. Alfred had, but he strangely kept it to himself. He didn't care, as long as you spent some time with him.

You found it weird that Arthur got mad that quick. I mean, it gradually turns into an augment, well, at least usually. ...... And why did he come, if he's not a fan of football.....? Well, American football.

You looked at where the Brit disappeared to, and you stood up, heading in that same direction.

"Hey, where are ya goin'? You'll miss the commercials!!"

"I'll watch them later, Alfie~" you sang, as you turned to look at his cute little pout. You smiled, laughed and turned your back again at them, so you could find Arthur.

"Oh Artie, where art thou~?" you mockingly thought.

You looked around, trying to find somewhere where he could be hiding. Then it hit you: the kitchen! He probably went and made himself a cup of tea to calm down.... You sure hoped he didn't see your decaf, Lipton herbal tea. You'd be a little embarrassed, since you knew he only cared for Earl Grey. Luckily, you had some too.

You cautiously walked over to your kitchen, not wanting him to know of you endeavour to find him. You peeked you head in the doorway, but he wasn't there. You walked in the room, and you poured some water in a kettle and turned it on; you were going to give him a cup of tea.

You opened one of the cupboards, the one where you kept all your different teas. You had maybe two dozens of them! You decided on a mint and citrus flavoured one for you, while you put tea spoon of Earl Grey in the cute little stainless steel tea bag filter. You got two cups out, and you attached the bags in them from the handle.

Once the water started boiling, you poured it in the cups, and you unplugged the kettle, planning on letting the remaining water cool off on its own.

You grabbed a cup in each of your hands and you were about to head out of the kitchen, before something caught you eye from the other side of the window; Arthur was sitting on a chair in your backyard, his face hidden in his hands, and his elbows were resting on his thighs.

You put one of the cups on the counter, and you opened one of the sliding glass doors. You went back to get the hot tea, and you walked over to a sulking Arthur. You were still wondering as to why he lost his temper that fast, but he might just be having a bad day....

"Hey, you alright?" you asked, which made him raise his head. You smiled, but his face wasn't as cheerful.

His response was just a grunt, but his gaze did trail down to your hands. Yours did too, and once you finally snapped out of that small trance you said "Earl Grey?" while you raised the cup a little higher. He sighed, but he still gave you a small smile, accepting the tea.

You sat in the empty spot next to him, sipping on your minty goodness. Wait... That doesn't taste like mint.....

"Is that..... Mint?" you heard from beside you.

Your eyes widen: you gave him the wrong tea. You quickly looked inside the cup, not only cursing yourself to have given him the wrong one, but also, you didn't get the bag out of them. He's going to think that you're an idiot....

"It's actually really good! What might this be?"

Your head jerked in his direction. Was he serious? He had a smile on his face....

"Hm.... Citrus and mint tea...."

"Alright. Why didn't you tell me you had some?"

"I thought you only liked Earl Grey......" you replied instead.

He chuckled, but he still took another sip of his tea. You felt your cheeks getting warmer as you heard that angelic sound; you didn't hear it often. You did the same, and you smiled to yourself, keeping your gaze on your own cup.

You though about how you had been feeling around Arthur. You always felt better when he was around, and you came to the conclusion a few months back that you had a small crush on him. But as time passed, it became stronger, and tougher and tougher to hide.

"Atchoo" you cutely sneezed in the crook of your elbow.

"Bless you" replied the Brit, and you smiled at him afterwards. "Did anyone ever tell you you sneeze like a cat?" You shook your head, eyes closed as you took a small sip of tea. "Well, you do... And it's cute"

You almost choked on it, as your eyes flew open. Did he basically said that something about you was "cute"? You started blushing a little again.

"T-Thanks" you weakly replied, trying to catch your breath.

There was an uncomfortable silence between the both of you. Not because of your coughing spree, but because you were alone, with him outside, with nothing to talk about. To make matters worse, he was the guy you had been crushing on for awhile, and you had tried to forget about I that too. That wasn't helping it.

"Heya, dudes, you're missing the game. C'mon!"

You looked up to the house, where you left the door opened. You nodded at Alfred, even though a part of you didn't want to go back in there: you wanted to stay outside with Arthur. But, to not arouse any suspicions, you nodded, stood up, and you asked Arthur to tag along, which he did. You smiled at him again. Alfred had already gone inside.

You walked back in the house, followed by your crush, and closed the door behind you. You took his empty cup and put it with yours on the counter. You gaze locked with Arthur's, and you smiled at him. It looked like he wanted to tell you something, but he just sighed and smiled back, and you led the way to the living room.

"TOUCHDOWN!!" you heard from it. You gave it a chuckle, before you stepped back into that room and was received with a tight bear hug. Arthur just watched by the doorframe, a small scowl on his face.

"DUDE, DID YOU SEE THAT, [NAME]!! That was the best damn thing in Super Bowl history!! The guy ran the whole terrain, watch the replay!!"

You smiled, but you did what he asked you to do. It was really amazing. You never were a big fan of football, but that Super Bowl thing was something you wouldn't miss for the world. You popped a piece popcorn in your mouth, as Arthur finally came back into the room, and sat next to you like he did earlier.

"Hey, who's at half time?" you asked, as you took a fry from your plate filled with cold poutine with you fingers.

"Eh.... Beyoncé"

"Can't wait for that." you sarcastically replied, with a mocking smile.

"Really? I thought you didn't like her songs!"

You started to laugh, and Alfred's confused look made you laugh even harder.

"It's called "sarcasm", idiot" broke Arthur.

"Aww, chill--" started the American, just to be cut off by your narrowed gaze. According to the data you had collected a few moments earlier,  you didn't want Arthur to lose it again.

You watched as the game continued, and when the half-time show came along, you asked the guys, Arthur, Alfred, Matthew, and Mathias, if they wanted anything. All of them, except Arthur, wanted something to eat since the loud-mouth practically ate everything when you were gone with the gentleman.

"Okay, won't be long~!" you sang as you stood up to go make something sweet for your guests.

You walked in the kitchen, and thought of what you could make, that would be easy and fast to do.....

"You have to buy us all more booze if you don--"

"Shut up Mathias, you wanker!!" you heard Arthur shout. You giggled, thinking of his cute face when he was trying to hide something. Although you wondered what it could be....

You shrugged and went back to thinking about your conundrum. What to do, what to do... ICE CREAM! No, Arthur doesn't like that... CHOCOLATE SCONES!! Nah, Alfred would rather eat apples than those.... Ah, a plate of maple leaf-shaped sand cookies with a maple syrup cream sugar! They never tried it before~! Except for Mattie, but he'll be grateful; it's soooo good.

You opened you pantry door, so you could find the nice box of cookies. You also got a plate out. You opened the box and started putting its content on--

"Need help, love?"

You were startled a little, but you smiled and turned around, just to find Arthur right behind you. "No thanks, I'm fine. It's just cookies."

You took the plate in your hands, and you flashed him another small smile before you walked past him, trying your best to suppress the faint blush on your cheeks. You put the cookies on the coffee table, and you took your seat, followed by the gentleman. You smiled to yourself, thinking that he was so sweet to make sure that you were alright.

"Yo, [Name]!" you heard Mathias say. You turned your head to him. "Why are ya smiling? Did something happen back there" he added, giving you a wink.

Your cheeks got a bit redder as you understood what he meant. He knew....."You--"

Everything went black.

"Hey, dude, what the hell just happened just now? What kind of crack comedy is this!?"

"Alfie, bro, calm down" you said.

"But dude--"

"Shut up, wanker."

You laughed, which lighten the atmosphere around and managed to shut up Alfred. Everything was still dark, and your eyes weren't accustomed to it either. You then felt something on your right hand; another hand. Your heart started beating faster as you realized it was on Arthur's side. You cheeks got redder too, but that was nothing the surrounding darkness couldn't cover. On the spur of the moment, you turned your hand around and held his. You couldn't see his surprised, but elated face either.

Then, your eyes grew slightly accustomed to that blackout, and you could see some light reflecting on his emerald green eyes. You blushed more, and you looked down at your connecting hands. You had a huge smile on your face: does that mean......?

Then, his hand let go of yours, and your smile was replaced by a slight frown. Maybe not...... That's when you felt two fingers right under your chin, forcing you to look at their owner's eyes. You forced yourself not to gulp, while you could feel your cheeks burning. Then, your two faces were only inches apart, and you could only hear your heart resonating in your head.

Your brain couldn't process anything else as the next thing you knew was his lips crashing into your sweetly. It was so soft..... So perfect. You immediately started kissing back, and you could feel his smile against your own. Unfortunately, you had to part for air, but your foreheads were still touching. You wanted more.

Then, you felt his hand snaking to the opposite side of your waist, pulling you towards him. He just held you there, your head resting on his chest, patiently waiting for the blackout to end, stealing a kiss or two during the wait, not a single word uttered.
I know, I'm REALLY late for a Super Bowl fanfic, but I got caught up in stuff.... and I babysitted today, and I remembered that I had started this that day.... So I finished it~! XD

Yeah.... Blackout, hehe~ //shot
And the name's really cheesy... oh well~ XP

If you see any mistakes, tell me, or have any questions, ask away~!

Soooo...... Whadda you think? Is it good? Bad? In between? Undecided?
------->I'd love to know~ :heart: <-------

I didn't add a picture this time... I couldn't find a fitting one.... ^^"

~XxViidGamexX <3
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YES POUTIIINNNNNEEEEE! Oh my god one of my favourite foods ever!
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And then the lights came back on and Alfred laughed and ruined the moment. Then he complained about missing part of the game.

Also, cat sneezes are only cute from far away. Up close, it's like, "BWACHOO" then the there's cat snot in your face.
Catz4eva Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
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Awesome story!!!~
You always were, and will be, an amazing author!!!~
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Just hearing the words "Super Bowl" makes me think of my dad...he always yells out stuff like "FUMBLE!!" or something like that...I'm actually not big in football, so please don't blame me if a "fumble" is not associated with football in any way. qwq
So, going back to my dad's like Alfred whilst watching any other time, he's like...a mix of Mathias and Kiku or something...
But hey, this story is really cute and interesting!! Maybe I'll start watching football more's been way too long since I've watched football. qwq
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Yah, totally!

Imagine when the power'll get back on, and the three guys'll finally notice what they missed XD
Lol I can just imagine their faces XD
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Bluefur101 Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2013
awww! and the blackout was really weird! my family was all sitting in the game room and wondering why one of the announcers wasn't there.... we suspected that he was one of the tech guys and he spilled coffee everywhere and had to clean it up XDDD
XxViidGamexX Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, I know, right?!
My dad joked that the loosing team bribed a guy to shut down the power if they were loosing... XD
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Aww~ thanks!!
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Your welcome (Agreed! but seeing a game in person can really get your adrenaline going, I go and watch my school's home coming game every year and I still feel my heart pounding each time I watch our team play but the sad thing is that I'm going to be a senor next year T~T)
XxViidGamexX Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
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I don't have siblings :3
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SrtingOfFate Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013
Soooo yeah I think I am gonna have a Super Bowl party next year and pray for a black out thank you for this grate fic
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XxViidGamexX Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
That would be awesome~! XD

Thanks so much.... :iconiloveitplz:

Me: That can be easily arranged. Oh dear brother~! :heart:
England: What is it?
Me: would you like to attend an AMAZING tea party later this year. Like, waaaaay later?
England: *a little suspicious* Yes I would like that....
Me: Yay~! :squee: *whispers to you* and that's how you do it~ :heart:
SrtingOfFate Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
*whispers back to you* Oh wow you have such a way with sexy British men, I have so much left to learn XD
England- "sees all the whispering and raises an eye brow * Am I missing something here?
Me- Pffff noooooo nothing eheh *Gives you a thumbs up from behind my back"
(I should buy a life time supply of tea lolz)
neon-roses7 Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2013
Once someone did tell me I sneeze like a cat. It was in the middle of class and I sneezed. Then someone asked, "Did you just sneeze?" and I said yeah and they said,
"Really? You sounded like a cat."
In my head, I'm all Okaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy.

Great job!
XxViidGamexX Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I wrote that 'cuz a bunch of my friends told me that when I sneezed in class once..... Everyone around me was staring at meh ^^" (I still do, but nobody that I know points it out anymore XD)

Thanks so much~!
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