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March 4, 2013
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No Way In Hell, Buddy
(Canada x Reader)

You tensed up as the car behind you quickly drove away. Let me explain in better details; you tensed up as the cab that brought you to your first boarding school quickly drove away, making a screeching sound that alerted everyone in the building that you had finally arrived.

You looked around you, as the school before you rendered you speechless no matter how many times you had seen it as a background in the pictures your twin brother and your long-time best friend sent you. You took a deep breath as you also took your first step towards it, your eyes shifting in every single direction: one glance wasn't enough to capture the true essence of that place.

You gulped as you saw some people waiting up front for you, and you started to walk even faster when they started to wave at you. Well, it was easier to distinguish it from on of them, since he was so energetic.

"[Name]!! [Name]!!" you heard from the distance.

You walked even closer, their traits becoming easier to distinguish with each new step.

"[Name]. Hey, [Name]. Snap outta it."

You shook your head, and that scene of the past that reoccurred before your eyes a few seconds earlier vanished, leaving that same school's gym in its place. You blinked, your vision blurred a little because of the numerous scratches on your lent goggles.

"[Name], dude. C'mon, it's our turn."

You looked at who was talking to you; your brother. "Oh, yeah, Alfie. Comin'~"

Your grip on your hockey stick tightening as you walked into the cosom hockey zone and took your own position. You looked at your teammates; Alfred, [+ 2 Random People] and your opponents; Matthew, [+ 3 Random People]. You smirked at Matthew, telling him you weren't going to let him win that easily.

The game started, and you ran to get the felt puck, your knuckles white from gripping the stick so hard. Your hair, held together by a [Normal, Sided, Low... Etc] ponytail, couldn't obstruct your vision this time. A few swings here and there, and you found yourself in control of the wanted sports equipment. You dashed for the net, only to find your best friend right in front of you. You saw from the corner of your eyes  that your brother was free, so you sent a pass his way. He got it, and Matthew turned to him instead. You ran even faster to net, only to receive the felt cookie from its previous owner, since he had found himself in the same predicament you were before. You then shot it at the net with all you had.

"SCORE!!" you heard your brother shout, running towards you and raising his hand for a high-five.  

You high-fived him and gave him a smile, which turned into a smirk as your gaze shifted to Mattie. He was smiling and just gently shaking his head. You went back to your appointed position, and the game restarted.

---------------Time Skip---------------


"Heck yeah!" shouted Alfred, as this was the signal that his sweet victory against both his and your best friends was now officially won.

You just sheepishly smiled and shook you head at this immature sight but that's just how your loveable idiot of a bother is. You walked to Matthew, putting your scratched goggles on your head, instead of having them cover your eyes. You smirked, before it turned into a sweet smile.

"Told ya my hair was what held me back last week" you said, as you undid said ponytail.  

"Guess you're right" he replied, looking down at his feet, his face flushed.

You laughed: you found it really cute that he was always so shy around people. Beside you and Alfred, he never really speaks to anyone. Except when he's playing sports; hockey in particular.

"C'mon, PE's over!!" you heard your twin brother shout from across the gym. "Get to the locker room already! You always take so long to change, [Name]!"

You crossed your arms in front of your chest, since Mattie took your hockey stick. "HEY! I'm faster that you!"

"Yeah, yeah. Just come on, please” he replied.

You both headed out of the gym while talking about the game, joining your brother. You put your lent equipment where it goes, but then your paths separated by the changing rooms.

"I bet ya ten bucks I'll be faster than you, dude"

"Deal" you said, shaking his hand.

After that mutual agreement, you both dashed into your respective changing room, leaving poor Mattie behind. He rolled his eyes, but he still smiled and headed to the boys changing room.

You practically ran all the way to your temporary locker, and you wasted a good minute trying to unlock your combination lock. When you finally succeeded and uttered many colourful words, you dashed into the changing stall that was right behind you, in the isle. You struggled putting your school uniform back on, and you dashed out of the room. You then realized that you forgot your watch, and you ran back to your abandoned locker, trying to find it. When you did, you realized it took you five minutes to change. After a few more rainbowish words, you were finally out of the changing room, where you found Matthew sitting on the bench near both entrances, all ready.

"Hey, Matt~! ......Where's my bro?"

He just pointed the changing room, telling you he was still in there. You uttered a victorious cry, and sat next to your already pink-faced bestie. You had to admit that your cheeks were getting warmer too, but you were good with hiding your "unwanted" emotions.

Why unwanted? Because you were pretty sure he'd never like a girl that reminded him so much of his best friend. That would just be creepy, in your opinion, so you tried your best to get over him the fastest you could. That's easier said than done, though.

When your brother came out and saw you, he let out an exasperated sigh, knowing you'd follow your deal through. He didn't feel like acknowledging it, though, but an idea did cross his mind. He smirked.

Then, you finally noticed him. "Hey, slowpoke. I won~!" you teased, sticking out your tongue.

"Yeah, yeah. I've got a sweeter idea though." he replied.

You narrowed your eyes. "I'm listening"

"Why don't we go to Tim Horton's instead. My treat; school's over for today anyways."

"YAY!" the said restaurant-obsessed girl you were shouted, making the shy blonde next to you lightly chuckle. Your cheeks got faintly pink as you heard that sound, but it didn't go unnoticed by your brother, who smirked again.

The three of you headed towards the locker rooms, to after go to your respective dorms to change into your normal, civilian clothes, and that Alfred could go get his wallet.

---------------Time Skip---------------

"Why did you have to be a team captain too, Mattie?" you said, after taking a big slurp of your [Favourite Flavour] iced cappuccino. That question seemed to have taken him off guard. "We're not on the same team, it's not fair that you'll never win against me and Alfie!!"

"It's fine, really. At least we get to play together" answered Matthew, smiling. You smiled back.

The three of you were in your beloved, Canadian, café/fast food franchise, discussing about the subject of its name; hockey. Tim Horton was a hockey player. Anyways, you found it "unawesome," quoting one of your frienemies, that you could be I the same team than your secret crush.

"Dude, I still can't believe this place doesn't have any burgers....." blurted out Alfred.

"Just eat your English muffin BLT" you replied, turning your head so you could look at your brother.

"That thing's inedible!"

"Then why order it?" you said, raising your hands in a questioningly fashion.

"I panicked! You were alone with Mattie over here!" he justified. "I didn't want him to blow it!"

"W-What?" blurted out Matthew in turn, his eyes wide and cheeks rather pinker than usual.

You turned your head towards the confused fellow, wide eyed. Does he--?

"W-What makes you think I like her?!"

Your face fell a little as you turned your head back to your brother.

"S-She's just like you too!"

Your weak smile vanished. You stared at your icy goodness, raised its straw to your mouth and took one more big slurp, hoping that it would help soothe the sting your heart just received. You knew it all beforehand, but actually hearing it in his own voice mixed with your false hope was just too much: you put it down on the table and rose to your feet.

"I just remembered I have something to do." you lied while you started to walk towards the building's door.

"What is it?" suspiciously asked your bro.

"I....hum...." you started. "I-I have to go wash my hair...."

And with that, you pulled the door open and you quickly walked out of the restaurant, your direction your own dorm room, leaving two surprised guys behind.

Your eyes stung in turn because of the tears that wanted out. Why do I feel like that? I knew it all along.... you thought as your walk morphed into a steady run. You wiped your eyes and finally reached your dorm. You shuffled though your pockets to find your keys, and once you did you entered your house without bothering to lock it back up. You  dragged yourself to your room and plopped yourself on your bed, face buried in your many pillows.

After letting your tears free, you rose up to your knees and turned around to sit, your knees propped up and your arms wrapped around them, burning your face in them afterwards.

"Why am I torturing myself like that? Why do I even like him that much?" you said aloud to yourself. "I have to go wash my hair.... What a lame excuse....."

You just stayed like that, thoughts and images running through your mind without a second thought. One seemed to stay longer than the others, though. The one of your first day in this school, where your brother was already attending, with his best friend. You closed your eyes and remembered that day, the scene playing out in your mid as if it was yesterday......

[Name]! There you are! Can't believe they didn't accept you last year!" said the one that was waving a lot at you earlier, once you were right in front of them.

"Now I'm here, Alfie." you laughed out. "H-Hey Mattie!!" you said to the other, giving him a nice hug.

"H-Hey, [Name]. You're finally here, huh?"

You broke the hug, giggling as you saw his red face. "Yep~! And you're as red as always~"

His face, if it could have even been possible, turned even redder, which made you laugh.  

"I love ya both so much~!"

You sighed, as you came back to reality again. "I love you both" Those four words were the ones you repeated so much during that first year, until you realized you had a crush on your shy best friend. The one that always listens to you when you were sad or pissed off, the one that always manages to make you smile or laugh, even if you don't have the heart to. The one who always encourages you when you are doubtful or worried..... Your eyes widen.

You couldn't help but feel this bad because you love him! You always had, and you stopped throwing "I love you both's" because you..... because you were scared that he'd notice that you really did love him.... And not like a sister does for her brother.  

A fresh river of tears gently crawled down your face as you came with that realization, and you tighten your grip around your knees.

"H-Hey, don't cry....."

You flinched, but you don't have time to see the owner of that sweet, soft voice you now knew you love so much: he gave you a huge hug. When he let go of you, he had a small, comforting smile. Though you could see some happiness in his eyes... Why? Did he enjoy seeing you miserable? You gave him a half glare. Half because you were still extremely saddened by your recent discovery.

"The door was opened...." he replied, thinking that was why you were mad at him. Your facial expression didn't change. "Y-You okay? Tell me what's wrong.... Please."

You snapped. "Tell you what's wrong? You don't get it, do you?" You got away from him, and he looked genuinely confused. It's just an act. you thought. "Do you seriously take pleasure on seeing me miserable?"


Your eyes narrowed. "You're always there when I'm sad, you're always there to comfort me, and now that you're the one that makes me sad, you have difficult hiding your happiness! I can see it th--" you got cut off by his lips. What the hell?!

"Sorry...... I-I didn't know how to make you stop saying all those lies and, w-well, I-I panicked.... S-Sorry....." he justified once you parted two seconds after, his face redder than ever.

"M-Mattie......." you whispered.

An uncomfortable silence reigned between the two of you, and none of you dared even move. A new tear trailed down one of your cheeks, and Matthew noticed it in time, as he raised his head to look at you. He reached out his hand and wiped it off with his thumb, and you raised your gaze quizzically to his.

"Y-You know....." he started, once he noticed he had your attention. "Y-You're not like your brother; h-he's like you"

Your gaze narrowed once again, but out of confusion. He was stuttering a lot now..... Was he going where you thought he was going with this? Your heart was beating faster with each seconds he took to choose his next words.

You anxiously waited for his next words, but he seemed be be debating something in his head. You tilted your head a little to the side, but it only seemed to make his mental war even worse. Tell him you love him you heard echoing through your mind. No...... Well..ok- NO! you shouted in your mind. Just tell him you love him already!

"I love you!" both you and Matthew blurted out at the same time.

"H-Huh....?" you said, surprised.

He just started down at his hands, nervous; he didn't notice you said it at the same time that he did. You did. You put one of your hands on his, making him shyly look up to you.

"Y-You love me...?" you softly asked. He just nodded, averting his gave back to your touching hands. You pulled him into a hug, understanding he didn't hear you. "I love you too."

You looked up at him, since your head was hidden in his chest earlier. Your gazes locked and your faces slowly got closer and closer, until you both closes your eyes and your trembling lips met into a sweet, melting kiss. You wrapped your arms around his neck while his snaked down around your waist.

Once your lungs burned for air, you parted and reopened your eyes, your foreheads glued to each other. You both had huge grins on your faces.

"Now will you let me win a game?"

You were confused for awhile, until you realized he was talking about cosom hockey. You smirked.

"No way in hell, buddy" you replied, going in for another kiss.
Yay~! My first Canada x Reader insert~! XD
....I hope it's well-done.... I hope..... TT^TT

Anyways, I read a Canada x Reader fanfic that made me wanna write one.... so I did~

I went shopping with my mum yesterday... and she promised me a mint ice cap at Tim's in exchange... but it wasn't in the mall anymore when we got there!! I didn't get one..... so I decided to give [Name] one! XD
...I'm addicted to those *drools* [I haven't gotten one in a month though TT^TT]

I'm playing cosom hockey at school, AND IT RULES!! It's like regular hockey, but the puck is made out of felt and you're not on ice; you're in a gym. Good thing, 'cuz I suck at ice skating XP

If you see any mistake, please tell meh~! If you have any questions, ask away as well~~
--------> I LOVE feedback, good or bad! Don't be shy~! <--------

I don't own the picture nor Canada; just the fanfic~
Matthew owns ya, though, if you want him to XD

~XxViidGamexX <3
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