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Icing Sugar
(Norway x Reader)

The wind was unbearably cold. That's what normal people would say, at least. But not you. No, not the all-mighty [Name], never! You blinked, trying to keep your eyes just moist enough, trying to keep in the tears that the frostbitten wind wanted to get out of your eyes. You weren't going to let that happen.

You hurried through the busy streets, holding onto a bag which was tightly pressed against your chest. Your scarf's loose ends whipping through the wind, you tried your best not to let go of your precious cargo. Your face lit up as you spotted a very familiar house, the one you needed to go to, actually.

You climbed up the stairs to the front porch, and knocked on the door, as you slightly moved your body to try and warm it up during the short wait. Finally, the door opened, revealing a blonde, navy blue-eyed teen. Your heart skipped a beat as you saw him, like it ways did, actually. He nodded and gestured you to come inside. You smiled at him and then ran downstairs, where you knew your best friend was waiting for you to arrive.

"[Name]" you heard from behind you, making you turn around. "Let me take your coat" offered Lukas, his emotionless figure staring down at you with a slightly outstretched arm.

You looked down at the floor in shame for a few seconds, suddenly realizing that you we're still in your winter garments. You handed him your precious package, took off your coat and scarf, the hat and mittens not fashioned by your stubborn self. You then took off your boots. That's when you noticed the slushy snow you had dragged inside.

You were about to apologize and offer to clean it up, but your winter equipment was taken from you, only to be replaced by your bag. You looked quizzically at your best friend's brother, only to feel your cheeks slightly burn up from being that close to him.

"Go" he said, motioning with his head the stairs.

You smiled, mouthed a thank you and a quick apology as you dashed towards the stairs. You ran down them, leaving the Norwegian upstairs, a slight, but very faint, smile tugging at his lips.  

"[Name]! What took you so long?" asked the snowy-haired teen, clawing the paper bag away from your grasp. "My precious......" he said, as he took one strand of black liquorice from it. You laughed.

"You're hooked on it, and not just a little!" you said, with a smirk.

"Shut up....."

"Never" you replied, taking out a random coloured strand of that same candy as well.

Emil sighed. "You wanna know why I asked you here?"

You nodded, as you chewed on your sweet, keeping eye contact with the platinum blonde.

He broke it for a few seconds, but he looked back at you slightly after. "I want to make Lukas smile.... but I don't know how."

"You mean, besides calling him 'big bro'?"

"Of course I do! It's childish and we've grown up!!" he quickly replied, glaring at you as he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I don't know.... It's not because I'm crushing on him that I know everything..." you shrugged.

Emil's gaze soften, and he then raised an eyebrow. "You say it so casually...."

You stared at him. "Well... Yeah. It's not like I have a chance or something, so who cares?" you rhetorically asked, with a fake smile, knowing deep down that you wished you had the guts to tell Lukas one day. You cared.

"Yeah, sure" he replied, seemingly buying it. "Will you help me?"

"Of course!" you replied, grinning. "....What do we do?"

"Hum....." Emil started "Let's start with....... Making him coffee."

Your face immediately fell as you stared at him. "Look," you started, sighing. "I'm NOT his maid"

"I know, I know!" he replied, facepalming. "It's just that he's obsessed with that stuff"

"More than you and your bride-to-be liquorice over here?" you joked, raising an eyebrow with a sly smirk.

"Debatable" he calmly replied, not even flinching.

"I'm not making your brother coffee." you stubbornly replied. He sighed and looked away. "What's next, we buy him a bunny?"

Emil's widen gaze suddenly darted back to you. "That's actually a pretty good idea!"

It was your turn to facepalm. "Really?" you asked him, annoyed, as your right eye twitched.

"What?" he replied, shrugging. "What did you expect?!"

You smirked. "Something awesome" Your best friend simply stared at you. He didn't even blink. You knew he wanted you to give in, but you were too stubborn to surrender to his wishes. Not only that, but you, a guest, making coffee in your friend's house for his brother seemed too fishy to you. To anyone, actually.

Then, an idea shot through your mind. "Cupcakes"

".....What?" he asked, confused.

"Everybody smiles when cupcakes are involved!" you sheepishly answered, meaning every single word of it.


"Do you have a better idea?" you asked, narrowing your gaze with your hands resting on your hips.


"Nei" you cut him off. Spending so much time with them helped you pick up some words of their native languages.


You grabbed his wrist, dragging him upstairs. You both saw Lukas reading a book on the couch, his emotionless figure immobile as his eyes rapidly moved from one line to the other, spending only a fraction of a second on each word. He turned the page and continued reading.

"I know you're here" he replied, lifting his head in your direction. "Do you have something better to do than to stare at me?" he monotonously replied, as his ice cold gaze bore through yours, and yours only, making hot blood slowly crawl up your cheeks.

You were about to respond, but Emil grabbed your wrist and dragged you towards the kitchen, not giving you the opportunity to say anything to his older brother.

The stoic one looked back at his book, a slight twitch of his eyebrows only there for invisible eyes to see, as he secretly wished he was in his younger brother's stead.  

"Are you sure you have everything?" you asked the youngest of the brothers, as you shuffled through his ingredients.

".....Nei..." he replied, as he dropped the bag of all-purpose flour on the counter, scattering snowy-white powder everywhere with a loud thud, making the two of you cough.

"Nice job, superman" you smirked, your words still interrupted by small coughs.

"Haha" he fake-laughed, lacking enthusiasm.

You lightly punched him in the shoulder. "Grow a sense a humour, will ya?" you replied, laughing.

"What's going on here?"

You both turned around, startled by the oldest sibling. Words jumbled together on your tongue, making you incapable of any intelligible sound. You stayed silent.

"Well?" the navy blue-eyed  insisted, the lack of emotion in both his voice and his composure made him a little intimidating, even if that wasn't what he was going for.

Words seemed to suddenly have found some sort of order in your mind. "We wanted to make cupcakes..." you admitted, breaking the eye contact you and Lukas had kept until then.

"I see..." he replied, walking into the dusted-white room. "We don't have icing sugar."

"I'll go buy some!" immediately volunteered Emil, shuffling out of the room, without even waiting to have an answer from either of you.

You sighed. "Sorry about that...."

"No need to be sorry." your crush replied, rolling his sleeves.

He got the measuring cups out, without forgetting the milk, eggs, butter, and every other  basic ingredients. You stared at him as he got everything out, and he also got a book out. A dessert cooking book. He looked back at you, and you could have sworn you saw something twinkle in his eyes for the briefest of seconds.

"Will you just stand there?"

"E-Eh, coming~!" you sang, walking up right next to him, trying to suppress your slowly growing blush.

You both decided on a flavour, which turned out to be your favourite one, and you got cracking. In no time, the preparation was done. You poured it in the dark blue paper cups, in the moulds.

"Emil sure is taking his time...." you broke, as you noticed the time, once the moulds were finally placed on the oven's grill.

"Ja" replied the Norwegian, secretly hoping that his brother wouldn't come back soon. He started cleaning up the mess the purple-eyed fellow did a few seconds prior to his leave. You then helped him.

When the kitchen was spotless and the cupcakes; ready and out of the oven, you had nothing else to do but wait for the icing sugar, so you could make the, you guessed it, icing. Silence was heavy between the two of you, but it wasn't something you couldn't handle. For some reason, you always felt nervous around-- oh, who are you kidding? You keep acting shy and silent around your best friend's brother since you can't settle on telling him how you feel. You pushed the question further in your mind, even to the point of having a silent conversation with yourself.

Right now, the two of you were quietly sitting on the couch, in the living room. Not touching each other, but still pretty close to one another.

"Lukas" you broke, absentmindedly.

He looked over at you, his gaze seemingly bored. He wasn't, though. Far from it. You then realized you spoke up, and you forced yourself to find something better to say than 'oops, I forgot...'.

That's when you saw a book from the corner of your eye.

"....What was the book you were reading, earlier?" You were glad that you had thought of something, but resisted the urge to sigh at how stupid it still was, randomly bringing his book up.

"The Inheritance Cycle" he replied.

"Inheritance? Seems like a crime investigation, like........ Someone was killed because of their murderer's greed..." you added, trying to fill up the silence that you had gotten a little sick of. You wanted to talk to him, since you were, for once, alone with him. You actually loved his voice, even more since you didn't hear it often.

"It's actually a fantasy story" he corrected, grabbing the book from the coffee table. It was blue, and there was a dragon on the cover. "That's Saphira" he said, showing you the dragon. "Eragon is her rider. He's the main character"

"Really? Awesome!" you shot out, your shyness suddenly draining from you. "What tome is this one?"

"The first. But it's not the first time that I'm reading it."

"So you like reading books again~" you replied, with a smile.

"Ja. You notice things you didn't before. It's interesting."

You nodded. "When you're gonna be done, ........could I read it?" you asked, yourself avid about fantasy stories. Not that you had ever told anyone before.

"What about right now?" he asked back, with his toneless voice.

You stared at him for a few seconds, wondering how you were going to pull that off. He quickly caught on, and put the book back on the coffee table, only to offer you his hand. You were still confused, but you trusted him. You put yours on his, trying hard not to let your cheeks explode in a thousand shades of red.

He pulled you closer to him-- well, actually, pulled you on his lap, as your legs stretched out on the couch's length. He got the book back, put one of his arms across your back, making it act like some sort of chair back. He held the book with both of his hands.

"Comfortable?" he asked, even if it didn't sound like he cared, he did. And you knew.

You nodded, nervous from being that close to the navy blue-sighted. He could tell you were, though, but he didn't know what do do, nor to say, to make you feel better.

You both started to quietly read, your pace slower than his, so he waited after you before he turned the page. He was actually floating in invisible bliss, being with you without his brother around. While he waited, he stared at your interested features as you read.

You could see him from the corner of your eyes, but you tried your best not for it to show. Something that you didn't notice, though, was that as you read, you were slowly leaning your side against his chest. You were getting sleepy, as time passed, and the blissful silence accompanied by your crush didn't help your state. You had had trouble sleeping the night before too. You slowly closed your eyes and started to doze off.

Lukas, on the other hand, had noticed everything. He was frozen solid as your soft cheek came in contact with his chest, and a very light tint of pink dusted his own as your sleepy self nuzzled him in your extreme drowsiness. Your breathing slowed down with each passing minute, until you finally fell asleep.

The oldest sibling stayed immobile for a few more minutes, until he regained his composure, put the book down and wrapped his arms around you. He then rested one of his cheeks on the top of your head and stared blankly at whatever laid before him.

"Jeg elsker deg......" he whispered, as sleep gently took over his being as well.

About half an hour after Lukas' unheard confession, his brother finally arrived home.

"I've been gone for long enough..." Emil thought to himself, as he unlocked the front door of his house, a pack of icing sugar in his arms.

He glanced in the kitchen, where the bare cupcakes, still in their moulds, were lying on the stove. He then whipped his head around, as he recognized the back of his brother's head sticking out of the sofa. He sighed as he thought you were somewhere else while his bro was still reading his book. Maybe he had been wrong.

He walked into the living room, but that's when he saw you, asleep against his brother's chest, wrapped in his arms protectively. As he walked even closer, he grinned. No, he had been right.

He set the pack of sugar on the table in front of the two of you, and waked downstairs, where you had left your cellphone. He grabbed it plus a pen and small pad of paper, walked back up, took the perfect cliché of the scene in front of him and set it as your background. He then wrote 'şağ var ekkert' on the first page of the pad.

The Icelander then left towards his room, leaving behind him a grinning, sleeping [Name] in the arms of an also sleeping, seemingly emotionless Norwegian that had the sweetest, purest and gentlest smile a human being could ever express.
I...... dunno what to add. The title's dumb too....
I feel like I messed it up big time...... TT^TT
And by that, I mean OOCness.... ^^"

Jeg elsker deg = I love you (Norwegian)
şağ var ekkert = You're welcome (Icelandic)

ANYWAYS, tell me what you think~
:iconbegplz: ....Please?

I really want to improve, so if you have any constructive criticism to say, please don't be shy! Even if it's just to say it sucks. But I'd like you to tell me why, so I can improve~ ^w^ Pointed out grammar mistakes would be most kind too~

I'm sure it goes without saying that I don't own Hetalia, The Inheritance Cycle, nor you. (or anything else that I forgot to mention)
But I do own the fic~ :heart:

Sees snart!
~XxViidGamexX <3
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