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April 6, 2013
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Good Guy, or Bad Guy?
(England x Reader)
Contest Entry~

"Shallow guys!!" you shouted as you violently hit one of the many country flag-printed pillows on your bed, anger boiling in your veins. "If I had a nickel for eve-- GAH!!"

You punched your beloved, rectangle-shaped fluffy stress relief once more.

"Dude, sis, you okay?"

You turned around to look at the newcomer, face torn in rage, but if fell and relaxed as you saw the look of worry in your pretend-sibling's eyes. Why pretend? Because, even though you weren't related, you considered yourselves as family.

"What happened?" he asked, risking a few steps in your direction.

"I'm not pretty enough." you sternly replied.


"I'm not pretty enough" you repeated, those words bringing a sting to your heart. "That's what happened"

"Who told you that?" he asked, walking even closer to you.

"[Guy's Name], Alfie. [Guy's Name]."

"Y-Your boyf--"

"My ex." you cut, turning around at staring intently at the wall that was now in front of you.

"That guy's an idiot to not see what you're worth"

You brushed off the compliment: it wasn't the first time your 'brother' had tried to cheer you up with that same sentence. You had been dating for a while now, and it seemed like all of them were just jerks, breaking up with you because of lame and shallow excuses.

"Al......" you shyly started, unsure if you should go through with your question. You decided to ask anyways. "Am I an idiot that picks bad guys?"

"No, don't say that!"

"So I pick good guys, but turn them into idiots"


"Well, it's gotta be one or the other; which is it?"


You buried your face in your hands, your earlier fit of rage long gone and dead by now. Your eyes were stingy because of the tears that wanted out, and they were dangerously close to attaining their goal. You were more than sick of guys like that, and you started to wonder if it was you the problem after all.

You see happy couples everyday at school. Some had been together even before your transfer, and they were as happy as always. What was wrong with you? You wanted to have the luck they had, but maybe that's why they call it 'luck'; it's tough to find. You wanted something built on trust and understanding, not lies nor self-gain.

Alfred gave you a nice, comforting hug, but then he suddenly let go of you. You were about to ask him why, but he beat you to it.

"I'll go get something for you.... Ice cream?"

You nodded, a fresh wave of tears gently strolling down your face. Alfred gave you a cute 'thumbs up' before he left you alone in your room, which, like it or not, made you smile. Only then did you let yourself fall back onto your bed, laying on your stomach, head buried in your pillows.

You thought about why you were feeling down, and a mental picture of your classmates appeared in your mind. In order to pass the time, you decided to categorize them as 'good guys' and 'bad guys', based on what you knew from them. Yes; you were that bored. You were about halfway done before you got stumped. It was the guy named Arthur.

He was a good friend of Al's, but actually, they were half brothers..... And always arguing.

You had some difficulty classifying him because of how he actually acted around you. He sometimes called you immature, often sighed in exasperation, he got mad quickly, but he never came close to insulting you. It just seemed like something about you just ticked him off, for some reason.

Alfred talked a lot about his brother when he was around you. He told you he was really sweet sometimes, especially when he had to take care of him while he was younger, that he was a self-proclaimed gentleman, and a lot more that you couldn't recall right now. You remembered all of this since a part of you wanted him to be like that to you. You didn't know why, but you really wished he would be sweet to you.

You sighed as you pondered on what you should actually think of him: a good guy, or a bad guy. Al did tell you he was sweet sometimes.... But those sometimes weren't when you were around, apparently.

You looked at the time: he had been gone for more than half an hour. What could have possibly happened?

Then, you heard someone enter your room and put a plate, maybe more like a bowl, on your end table.... Your ice cream bowl. Alfred was probably thinking that you were asleep or something.

"Thanks, Al. I real--"

You sat up, and you were frozen there: it wasn't Alfred, but his half-brother, Arthur, who was there. He wasn't moving either, but he then took a deep breath and sat down beside you and hesitantly pulled you into a hug. You just stayed there, dumbfounded, since he wasn't pissed off or anything. He was.......... actually being sweet? Finally?

The Brit loosen his grip on you and let go of you. You lifted your gaze into his leafy green eyes. They were filled with worry and relief, to your surprise, and he gave you a sad smile. Wait...... What?

"You alright, love?" he asked, his voice, the very proof of his British nationality, made you kind of melt inside, but you didn't even notice it.

You slowly nodded. He didn't raise his voice or anything and he truly looked concerned for your well-being. You bit your lip, nervous, and you looked down at your hands. He did call you 'love' often, but the way he said it this time was different... Different good.


"Mmmh?" you answered, lifting your head to look back at him.

"Don't ever say that you're an idiot." he said, his gaze now shifting to his own hands. "Alfred told me what happened.... And you aren't!" he added, his gaze slowly transforming in a glare, trailing towards the opened door. "Trust me, I would know"

You started laughing as you realized he was talking about Alfred, and his head snapped in your direction as you did, a confused expression glued to his face, which relaxed and turned into a small smile a few moments after. Again.

"Honest, don't think of yourself that way, it's not what a lady such as yourself does." he insisted.  

Something about him calling you a lady, fussing over you like that and actually being sweet for once tugged at your heartstrings. You could feel the unusual amount of blood in your cheeks, making them warmer. Honestly, you didn't want this to end. This side of him was new for you, and...... well, you really liked it. It was a lot more like how Alfred described him, and how you wished he would act.

"Thanks....." you softly replied. He smiled.

Boy, he was full of smiles today!

Arthur started to slowly get up, but you grabbed his wrist before he actually had time to do so. He froze.

"Stay..... Please."

He just nodded and did as you asked, but what you didn't notice was that he was nervous.

You both stayed silent for a while, you simply enjoying his calm company. Your bold request had been accepted but had succeeded in making your heartbeat accelerate. Your cheeks could easily be your traitor right now, not that it mattered since the both of you weren't even looking at each other.

"Hey Arthur?" you asked. One thought had been stuck in your mind ever since you saw him like that, and you thought that now was the right time to ask. "Why?"


"Just..... Why?" you repeated, wanting to know the reason behind this sudden change of heart.

"Honestly, I don't know" he replied, sadness tinting his tone of voice.

You were actually glad that he wasn't mad at you, for a change, but you didn't want him to fret like that... Somehow, you wanted to see him smile again.... Even if you knew that was probably a one-time thing, but what you didn't know was why you wanted to see him smile.... It was probably because..... Because it was your first time seeing it...? Yeah, that's gotta be it.

"I don't know why they're doing this to you." he continued, making you confused. What was he talking about? Who are 'they'?. "Those wankers just don't see how amazing a person you truly are."

"W-What...?" you thought, that actually being the first compliment you heard him say about you. Did he truly think.....?

"What I'm trying to say is..... Dammit! Hum......."

You just stared at him, wide-eyed and confused as ever. Having Arthur sweet to you, paying you compliments and fussing over you, all of that in one day, kinda freaked you out. You could even hear your heart race in your head and feel your blood slowly crawl up your cheeks again. It was worse this time, though, as you wondered where he was going with this.

"Well..... I don't get that guys would treat you like that... Let alone a lady. There are some good guys out there that truly care for you... And have been for a long time, actually." he slowly said, completely misunderstanding your question. "E-Even if it doesn't really show....."

"Like who?" you asked, sceptic.

"L-Like... Hum... M-Alfred."

"YO! Dude, bro, can I talk to you real quick?" you heard from the door, making the both of you snap your head towards the source of that voice.

"Bloody spying wanker......." mumbled Arthur, getting up and walking out of your room, leaving you alone with your thoughts. Your disturbed thoughts.

Did Alfred really have a crush on you? I mean, yeah, he was sweet, nice, hyper and a lot more but.... Did he really have a crush on you? No... You're like a sister to him, and he, in turn, is like a brother to you. Not only is that 'crush' unrealistic, but you wouldn't return it anyways. No... He must have just said that to try and make you feel better.... Yeah that must be it. You felt a little disappointed, but you didn't exactly know why. Oh, it was because he lied to you; that must be it.

You had known Alfred ever since you were really young; you were childhood friends, practically grew up together, but you had never met his half-brother until you switched schools, following your 'brother', since his parents decided it would be best for both siblings if they went to the same one. They were kinda right, but they still fight sometimes.... A lot, actually, but it's gotten a little better.

While you were having your own mental debate, your gaze mindlessly shifted everywhere until it landed on the bowl of the now melted ice cream Arthur had brought to you. You wanted some, but not the substance that was left; it wasn't ice cream anymore; just cream. You decided to go get some more.

You got off your bed, bowl in hand and debate in mind, and walked towards the kitchen. Only when you took your first steps in there that you overheard an apparently heated discussion taking place in your living room. You put down the bowl on the counter and, curious, you decided to go listen to the argument the two siblings were having.

"........and the first person that crossed your mind was me? Dude, she's like my sister!"

"It's stressful, idiot! What if she doesn't like me back!?"

"You'll never know if you don't ask her, bro."

"...........Fine, wanker."

You froze as you heard footsteps coming in your direction, making you instinctively run back to your room, not wanting to get caught eavesdropping on their conversation. You were positive that you weren't supposed to hear that.

Once you stepped in your room, you plopped yourself back on your bed, face buried in your pillows again, just like Arthur found you earlier.

"H-He likes m-me?" you thought to yourself, once your thoughts were a little clearer. "T-That can't be..... He was always so... So irritable around me. No, that's not right... But..... I-I--"

"Hey, [Name]?"

You sat up, back turned to the newcomer. Your earlier discovery was making you nervous, and your cheeks were warm again. But you had to admit that you were glad to hear his voice.... Why? You steadied your now fast breathing and closed your eyes in an attempt to calm down.


This time, it was from somewhere closer behind you, and you felt your bed shift a little below you as you understood that the Brit sat down on the opposite end. You turned around to face him, but you were starting to get scared of how you felt. It was just too weird.

"W-What did Alfie tell you?" you asked, trying to come up with a subtle alibi.

"Uhh...... He told me to go easy on you..." he lied. It pinched your heart, though: he lied to you again. "Would you like me to get you more ice--" he started, only to stop, his gaze fixed on your end table.

Your own followed suit, and you started to mentally panic. The bowl he brought earlier was now gone. Well, it was on the kitchen counter. You looked back at him, worried; he knew.....

"D-Did you....?" he asked. You slowly nodded, and his face immediately returned to his usual, unhappy one. "Lies"


"I was just saying that so he'd get off my back. It's not like I really mean it." he harshly replied, crossing his arms. "I'm fine on my own!"

Your face darkened in a saddened expression. Wait.... Why were you sad? It's not like you actually liked the guy, right? He's just grumpy, easy to get mad, and just so freaking sweet!

"A-Are you..... Disappointed?"

"NO!" you replied, on the defensive, crossing your arms in turn, closing your eyes and turning your head away from him. "It's not like you're a 'good guy' anyways!"

"Not a good--? Bloody hell! I AM a good guy, dammit!"

"Oh yeah?" you replied, looking back a him with a narrowed gaze. "Prove it."

"P-Prove....?" he asked, confused. His own gaze narrowed in turn. "I tried to comfort you, right? I tried my best, didn't I? I'm being honest here!! I care about you, [Name], dammit!" he started, making you flinch and stare at him. "I like you. I'd never do anything like those blockheads who were too blind to truly see who you are!!"

You just sat there, frozen. He really did like you after all! He was staring back at you, wondering what had made you suddenly quiet, until he realized what he had just said. His eyes widen, his cheeks got dusted pink, and his hands started to twitch.

"Y-You really l-like me......?" you asked in a small voice. He just nodded, looking down at his hands to probably try and hide his growing blush.

You smiled; that made you really happy..... Maybe you did like him back: it sure would explain a lot of things. Now that you looked back at it, Arthur did make a lot of subtle, but sweet things to you... Like he opened the doors for you, ordered for you and got all of your favourites right, pulled chairs for you, saved you seats.... And probably a few other things that you just didn't notice yet. He just looked like he didn't want to do what he was  doing, which didn't spark the curiousity that it should have if he had smiled when he did those things.....

"'Cause...... Well........ I-I like you t-too........." you shyly stuttered out, looking back at your hands, just like he did.

His head quickly rose. "Y-You do...? T-then why did you d--"

"I just noticed...." you cut him off, a sheepish smile on your face. "I-I... Thanks..." you added, giving him a hug.

"Huh? Why...?"

"Thank you, for all you've done for me....." you answered, your voice muffled by your face nuzzled against his chest.

"Y-You're very welcome, L-love...." he nervously stuttered, wrapping his arms around you, hugging you back.

The hug itself was kinda awkward at first, but as the seconds passed, it became more comfortable and well, natural would be the right word to use, actually. After a while more, you looked up at Arthur. You didn't quite know why, but for some reason, you felt like your head was like a magnet, slowly getting closer to his. Your eyes slowly closed in turn as your faces were only inches apart.

Then you felt it; his lips against yours in a sweet, heart-melting kiss. Your arms slowly raised up to his neck, while his snaked around your waist. Once you had to break for air, your faces scarlet red as you both stared in each other's eyes, simply lost in pure bliss.

Then, the magnet-like sensation pulled at you again, and you both succumbed to it yet again.

He definitely was a good guy.
This is my fluff contest entry for :iconsaphyrrevargas: ~!

I'm so nervous.... I hope I did okay; it's my first contest!! :heart:
So happy I had the guts to enter!!

I was into this story so much that I continued it every chance I had in school... took me two days to write~!

I hope you like it~! Thanks for reading~
If you see any mistakes, please tell me~! If you have any question, ask away!
---------> Feedback makes me happeh~ <---------

I don't own Hetalia, nor you.
I don't own the preview picture either; I just found it on google images

~XxViidGamexX <3
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"Al......" you shyly started, unsure if you should go through with your question. You decided to ask anyways. "Am I an idiot that picks bad guys?"

"No, don't say that!"

"So I pick good guys, but turn them into idiots"


"Well, it's gotta be one or the other; which is it?"

"......."    Big bang theory awesome!!
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When the reader was like, "H-He likes m-me?" you thought to yourself, once your thoughts were a little clearer. "T-That can't be..... He was always so... So irritable around me. No, that's not right... But..... I-I--"
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