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February 15, 2013
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Ever wondered what happens when dusk takes over the world? 
Ever wondered what kind of creatures lurk in the shadows, 
anxiously waiting for twilight hours to wash away the light?
Ever wondered how your life would be amongst them?

I have. All the time.

All I've ever wanted growing up was to be in a world where I would be understood, somewhere where I would be appreciated, and not looked down upon constantly. Somewhere where I wouldn't have to hide my identity for the sake of my own life. Somewhere where we don't live in a culture based on fear; it's not because you're different that you're bad. 

That's what I've been taught. That's what my mother told me to believe-- to hide everyday. It's not because you can hear, see and do things others can't that you're a freak. It's just who you are, what makes you unique. Unfortunately, I was born in the wrong place, where, unless you fit the mould, you can't live properly. Heck, you're burnt to death if you don't follow it! 


It was one of those normal days, where everything is pitch black because it's nighttime. When you can even hear the stillness in the darkness and the wind softly blowing through your hair. It's also when the pretty white moon hovers above your head and illuminates the sky and the fauna with its rays reflected from the sun.

It's also the only time when you can see me, [Name]

You might catch a glimpse of me, but not for long. I have things to do, people to cure, herbs to collect and grimoires to consult in the dead of night. I need to keep low during the night when I'm near the village.

Why the night? Or else my life could be taken by some blinded fool who doesn't realize that I'm the only reason he exists, that he is still alive because of me

Only a few people know of our true intentions. We help those who come to us, or are lost and are in need of shelter. We look exactly like human, except for our oddly coloured hair and similarly coloured eyes, our pointed ears, our moon-white skin and our ghostly, but divine charms. People are scared of us because of our slightly different looks and beliefs. Also, because of the way we treat nature around us and the way we can cure even the most complex of illnesses, they think we are witches or sorcerers. We aren't. We are us. 

We are Night Elves.

I was walking along the river, hoping to find the rare healing plant I was searching for; Lunesti. Its dark green leaves and stem are deadly, but its dark blue bud and petals can cure practically anything. 

The reason why I needed that flower was because an epidemic hit my hidden elven village, and since I'm their best healer, and, somehow, am immune to it, I was appointed the task from the elders to try and find the cure for all of them. Luckily, the death toll was inexistent, so it seems like it's not a deadly illness.  

I was getting closer and closer to the only clearing where I knew they grew. It was very far away from my home, and dangerously close to the other village; a human village. It was nighttime, so I knew I was fine. Humans not only need a lot a sleep, but they also are scared of nature at night. I think that's when she is the prettiest, but that's why I'm a darkness lurker, and them, light dwellers.

I was just a few trees away, and I could smell the flowers's intoxicating aroma..... It's a sign that it has immense healing powers, not that everybody knows that. 

"Those wankers.... I'll show them......" 

I jumped. Someone was out there, in the exact same clearing that I absolutely needed to go in order to pick the flowers. I didn't travel all the way here for about a week so I could come back empty handed. Luckily, the moon's rays couldn't pierce through the thick tree leaves, so he couldn't see me. I could, though, because of my elven night vision.  I'll just wait here in the--

"W-Who's there?"

Damn. He's looking in my direction. Don't. Move. He'll just think that you're a rodent of some sort. He cocked his head slightly and he walked a little closer. Humans are so stupid....

"Wait a sec.... I know you...... Are you lost?"

My eyes widen. Wait, what? He can actually see me? Most importantly; it's not the first time!!?

I slowly backed away. He was still staring straight through my eyes. He knew I was there. He wasn't scared, but I was. Big time.

"Wait, don't go!"

That's it. I turned around and started running. Running away from here. I'll just come back later. I ran in the dead of night, with a human on my tracks. Yes, they are stupid, but very curious. He wasn't going to give up that easily. I looked behind me once in a while, and, to my relief, I was gaining ground: I was faster. I rushed even more, rocks and roots pointing out of the ground, rushing below my feet. I looked back behind me; he was almost out of my sight. I sighed in relief and briefly closed my eyes.

A stabbing pain shot through my right leg, and I tumbled to the ground as I let out a small cry. I, at least, twisted my ankle. Shoot! He knows I'm down....

I scrambled to my feet, but a smarting pain shot through my leg again, and I could feel some blood trailing along one of my my arms. I fell again. It was worse than a twisted ankle. Way worse. I tried to sit in a way that would allow me to take a look at it. Black blood was draining from it at an alarming rate. I looked back at the guy; he was getting very close. I started panicking. I put my hand on my blood coated leg and I sang a healing incantation, but it didn't work. I forgot we can't heal ourselves...... Damn..... I grabbed a piece of my clothing and was about to tear it when I felt something on my leg.

I looked towards it, and the man that was running after me was right there, at my side, and was tightly pressing his shirt in a wad over it. He was..... H-Helping me?

"You alright?" he asked. I narrowed my eyes. "Can you understand me?" he asked again.

An idea crossed my mind.... It might work..... If he thinks I don't understand him, and if I start heading back home alone to get healed, he'll leave me alone.

He was looking away from me, so I put his shirt on the ground and I slowly started to get up, leaning against tree trunks and putting the least of force I could on my right leg. I started to slowly walk away from him, hoping he'll let me go.

"You can't... Great...." he muttered to himself. 

Ha! He doesn't know the difference between understanding and ignoring! Pathetic!

"Where are.....? No, come with me, I'll help you" 

I ignored him and continued slowly walking away from him. I suddenly felt his arm around my waist while he put one of my arms around his neck. He made me turn around and he helped me walk closer to the human village. I tried to squirm out of his grasp, bit he simply gave a chuckle. I glared at him and I tried again.

"Come on now, it's my fault you were hurt anyway" 

I looked at him with unconvinced eyes. He tried to make me understand the word "help" but I just couldn't believe that a human would be so humble. I mean, aren't they all about themselves, not caring about others around them as long as it doesn't affect them? He's probably going to try to sell me to the others, or use me as some sort of experiment. Great. I'm doomed.

My vision started to become all blurry. My gaze darted to my injured leg, and I realized that blood was still gushing out of the worse cut. My head started to become heavy, and black dots started to obstruct my vision as well. Every movement I made only made me feel worse. I couldn't take it anymore. My body grew limp and everything around me became pitch black.........

-----Time Skip-----

I could hear the birds sing and the warm sun rays tickle my skin. It was probably morning. I didn't want to open my eyes. All I could remember before blacking out was that someone was forcing me to go to the human village. My whole body hurt all over. My arms, my legs, my head...... My head? I didn't fall on my head........

"VULL-neh-rah Sah-NAHN-tur"

I eyes shot open and I stared at the plank ceiling. That was a spell.......

"VULL-neh-rah Sah-NAHN-tur"

I had to admit that I felt way better. I guess it worked......
"VULL-neh-rah Sah-NAHN-tur"

That one didn't do anything.......

"What the......?" I heard. "VULL-neh-rah Sah-NAHN-tur"

Nope. Still nothing. I sat straight, curious. 

"Oh, you're awake...... " I heard from my left.

I blinked a few times as I looked at him. It was the first time I saw him in daylight; in colours. His hair was the sun's colour, his eyes would put shame to leaves and..... the hell's wrong with his eyebrows? He had an opened green book in his hands. I guess he was reading from it.

My gaze trailed to my leg. Now that I was calm, I could analyse my wounds..... Turns out-- Did he clean them? He's nice..... they were actually healed now, except for the mad gash trailing down my right tibia. Blood was only slightly tickling down it, but not nearly as much as earlier. How the hell did I manage to do that? 

I bent a little so in could put my hand on it, but the guy stopped me by grabbing my wrist. I could see it in his eyes that he was truly worried. All I could think was "Why would a human be so worried about me?". I looked back at the cut. He let go and started singing the same chant again. I looked closely at the injury, but nothing happened. Nothing at all. 

"Damn... Why won't it work?"

I looked back at him. He knew magic? I couldn't help but smile a little. He seemed to be reading the incantation again. He flipped some of the pages, tried a few more of them, but still, no more progress. He sighed.

He put the book down, and proceeded in putting a bandage around my right tibia. I just stared as he did, pondering about what fate had in store for me-- also about why his spells didn't work..... Nothing came to mind. 

"You'll have to wait for that one..." he announced. "You noticed nothing worked...."

I slightly tilted my head to one side, feigning incomprehension. I had to admit I was having fun with this. I smiled while I put my hand on his, which rested on the side of the bed I was on. That contact surprised him. I tried to show him that it was okay.... He DID heal me back..... Might as well be nice to him~

He smiled, but shook his head.

"It's my fault you're hurt... I'm sorry..." 

I gave him one of my sweetest smiles, telling him that it wasn't his fault, that I was fine. I have to admit that this human is a lot nicer .....and intelligent..... than those who tried to kill me before..... I misjudged him.

Maybe he's not so bad....
I started this as a poem..... I failed... XD

I found the inspiration for this when I was half-asleep.... so yeah....
I donno why, but I can't write just one thing at a time....
You don't know this, but I've got four or five more that I haven't posted yet

Oh, and by the way, The healing incantation that Artiie "sings" is from Harry Potter.... XD

If you see any mistakes, tell me, and if you have any questions, ask away~!
---------> Feedback makes me happy~! <---------


I searched for maybe five minutes on google images to find an awesome picture... I think it's awesome~

Part 1 - I dunno about you but.....
Part 2 - [link]
Part 3 - Don't wanna be a Canadian Idiot~! XD

~XxViidGamexX <3
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