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".....And then I was like FIVE METERS OF AWESOMENESS!!"

"What did she say, mon ami?"

"She screamed and ran away..."

You couldn't help but smile as you eavesdropped on two of your classmates's lie of a  conversation, as you "read" your book. Why a lie? Your happen to know that the loud-mouthed albino was with your best friend yesterday evening, cooking pancakes and waffles.

You were smiling, but not only because of that little lie, but also because that last guy was actually right next to you, well, he was sitting on his desk, really. You forced yourself to turn your attention back to your story, but the thought of the gorgeous albino next to you, on whom you may or may not be crushing hard, kept you far away from your goal.......

"Hey, [Name]~!" you heard a soft, small voice call your name.

You lifted your gaze from your book, just to see your Canadian best friend right in front of you. You smiled.

"Hey, Mattie~!" you chirped.

"How ar--"

"Yo, awesome-but-not-as-awesome-as-me friend! I can't wait to have more maple syrup-coated pancakes again. It was awesome!! But not as awesome as me, of course" cut him off Gilbert.

"Yeah, I guess---"


"---I'll see ya later, [Name]..." he changed in mid-sentence, giving you a nice smile.

"My name's no--" started Gilbert

"He was talking to her" cut him off Francis, pointing at you.

You slowly felt your cheeks getting warmer from getting noticed from someone else than Matthew and your brother. You closed your book, without forgetting put your bookmark in there. Gilbert got off his desk, so he could sit on his chair instead, as Francis walked up to his own, blowing kisses at nearby girls, you included, this time.

The teacher was still writing the plan he had for today's English class, so you just took a look around you. You locked eyes with your red-eyed classmate for a few seconds, before you quickly turned to look back at your teacher, cheeks flushed.

"Everyone, you are going to write down your answers for these three questions on a piece of paper. One, what is one physical thing about you you'd like to change. Second, what would that change give superpower-wise, and why do you want that superpower."

You took out a sheet of lined-paper, and you started to think about it..... What would you change physically about you.... You had to say that you were pretty short for your age, and your hands were freakishly small, but that wasn't really something you wanted to change.... Then, you thought that you had always wanted bright [Favourite Colour] eyes, with similarly coloured locks.... That might work, can it? You wrote it down. Now, what ab--

"Hey" you heard whispered to your right. Not for you. "[Approximate to Your Name]..... No... [Name]!" said the same voice. It was for you after all?

You turned your head in the direction; it was Gilbert. You tried your best not to look away, but you still felt your cheeks slowly getting warmer.

"Do you have a spare one?" he asked, as he pointed at the sheet of paper you had on your desk.

"Y-Yeah...." you softly replied, opening up your binder again and taking one of the lined sheets out of it. "H-Here"

"Awesome! ......Not as much as me.... Of course..." he whispered back, taking it, a little louder this time.

"Mr. Beilschmidt, since you seem to be in such good terms with Miss. Kirkland, you'll be working together for this project."

You lifted your gaze to the teacher, your eyes wide open. He didn't seem mad, he looked like he was actually having fun. Every student was looking at you. Your cheeks started getting red and you darted your gaze to your own paper, trying to find your answer for the second question he asked you, but the though of working with the beyond-obnoxious albino kept you from it for two reasons; one, he might dump all the work on you, and second; HE'S YOUR GODDAMN CRUSH!

"Anyways, the task at hand is to create your own comic strip, with your own characters that are based on what you just wrote down. Teams of two." he looked at you and Gilbert and smirked. "Hop to it"

And with this, he sat down at his desk and started playing with his iPad, but he gave a few looks at the students once in a while.

"So..... Do have any ideas?"

You looked back at your new teammate. He had pushed his desk beside yours and was looking at you. You forced yourself not to gulp, but... You had no idea yourself...  You shrugged, looking back at your own page, trying to think of answer number two.

Gilbert scratched his head. "Well, I think I do..."

You turned your head towards him. "What is it?"


And then you spent the whole period talking about your project, what he thought, but what surprised you was that he's always make sure that you agreed with what he said, and if you didn't, he tried to find something else, with your help, of course! You had to admit that you didn't want this period to end.

But it had to...... Unfortunately.....

"Everyone, this ten-page comic strip is due for two weeks, and I expect no stickman in there. Have a nice weekend~"

You snapped out of your daydreaming, and you quickly grabbed your stuff; your brother would be waiting for you after class, like usual. Your older brother was the Arthur Kirkland, and he happened to be the school's student body president. You didn't even hear your name being called as you hurriedly walked put of the classroom, heading for the girls's locker room.

"Hey, [Name], wait up!!"


You stopped dead in your tracks. Did you hear correctly? You turned around, but something --more like someone-- bumped into you before you had time to see who it was. Luckily, nothing fell from your arms, but when you opened your eyes, you found yourself gazing in red ones. Your cheeks started to get that same tint, too.

He scrambled to his feet, which you did soon afterwards, and he handed you a piece of paper; it was the one you gave him, the one where the both of you wrote all of your ideas. He didn't look at you; he kept staring at his feet.

"Sorry, that was un-awesome of the awesome me to do.... " he started. "Your drawings are amazing, and I just wanted to ask you if you'd like to draw the comic for us..... I'd write the text."

"O-Okay~" you softly replied, smiling.

"Awesome! See ya 'round!"

And with that, you took the paper from his hands, and he flashed a small smile, before it turned to his usual smirk. He turned and walked away, as did you. You continued with your speed-walk to your locker, and you hurriedly put your things in your messenger bag. You put your small coat on, since it was chilly for an autumn's evening.

--------TIME SKIP--------

You cheeks got red as you thought of you earlier encounter with the Prussian teen. You felt your cheeks getting warmer and warmer as you thought about him, and they became perfectly flushed when the scene about when he fell over you played back into your mind. Wait a sec... Did he compliment your drawing skills?  

Your eyes widen and you started so silently giggle to yourself.

"You alright in there, [Name]?" you heard your older brother ask.

"I'm fine, Artiie~~!" you shouted through the door.

You turned back your attention to the comic page before you. You really had no clue of what to draw; you had to admit that you were scared that he might not like what you had drawn so far for him. You looked out the window; it was dark already. You sighed and stood up from your own, glass-toped desk and you walked towards your window.

Even if it was chilly outside, you opened it and stared at the moon. The pretty, white moon..... You then though of why you even like the guy... I mean, he never really spoke to you.... Well, you surprised yourself by thinking that there was more than what meets the eye, and you remembered the the first time you saw him, you didn't want to be near him.... Until you got to know more about him by unconsciously eavesdropping on his conversations....

You thought of his peculiar laugh, that you found creepy at first, but you've grown to love it. You also thought that he had a gigantic imagination, coming up with all this stories to impress his friends, Francis and Antonio. You thought of that one time, when you walked in on him playing with a little baby chick, thinking he was all alone. You gave out a short laugh as you remembered the look on his face when one of his friends accused him of doing so, and you were struggling not to giggle a little.

You didn't now how much time you spent admiring the perfectly crescent moon, but you were getting really cold and sleepy, so you closed the window.

You walked back in the room, turned off the light and sat on your bed. You just stared at your bare feet, hoping that maybe this project will get you closer to the albino, but you still doubted it... You laid down and pulled the covers over your freezing body. You hoped....

You hoped.

--------TIME SKIP--------



You opened your eyes and you giggled. You quickly pulled the covers off of you and you slipped on your [Favourite Colour] slippers. You walked down the stairs, only to find Arthur, flapping a dish towel right under the fire detector. You started laughing, but your older brother just glared at you.

"What happened? You carbonized the toasts?" you mockingly asked, using the door frame as a support for you back, arms crossed on your chest.

"No" he snapped. The beeping stopped, so he let his arms fall back on the sides of his body.  "I, hum... carbonized the toasts... Yeah..." he mumbled.

You laughed and you walked into the room, un-crossing your arms. You took the dish towel from his hands, put it back on the handle of the stove and opened the fridge.

"What are you searching for?" asked Arthur.

"This" you relied, as you got two chocolatines out, a smirk on your features. You were extremely shy around people, but not when it was around your brother or Matthew. You turned the oven on, and waited a few minutes, your brother staring at you like you were the devil, and then you put the two chocolate filled flaky goodness in it.

"I had an idea~" you sang, knowing very well that your brother despises French cuisine. You just turned your smirk into a goofy smile. "I don't remember the last time I had one of these.... I think it was high time we ate some~!"


"I'll go get it" declared Arthur, as he turned his back and walked to the front door.

You got the two pastries out of the oven, and you got two plates out and put them on them. You walked in the dining room---


Curious, you let the plates on the table, and you walked closer to where your brother ran off to, peeking your head out the doorway. You froze. Was that......?

"....and he gave me her address and now I just wanna help her with our project and-- [Name]! There you are!"

You got out of the doorway and walked closer to him, your heart racing. How did he get your address?

"How did you...?" you started.

"I'm disappointed in you, [Name]. I though you knew better than give out your address to boys like that" accused Arthur.

"No, the only one who knows it is Matthew!!" you explained. "He's friends with Gilbert"


"It's true! We've got a project together for English class" you continued, being with your brother making you out of your shell more, which surprised the albino at your front door.

"How come?"

"Teach made the teams" answered Gilbert.

Your heart stung. It's just a punishment for him, isn't it.... You turned back to your usual, shy self and started to walk away, forgetting that your crush actually came all the way to see you; and that it was still morning.

"Hey, wait" he said, snapping you out of your reverie. "Can I come in? F-For our awesome project, I mean"


"He always said that" you explained, cutting Arthur off. "Y-Yeah...." you replied, not even noticing he stuttered.

Arthur sighed, but he let your crush in. Actually, it made him happy, since he wouldn't have to eat the pastries.

"Hey, you know what, [Name]? Why don't you offer him a snack? Oh, I don't know... maybe something French"

The albino's eyes widen, and he froze. [A.N. It would be appropriate to add *nosebleed* here.... XD]

"Yep~!" you replied, going to get the breakfast you heated up a few minutes ago.

You knew very well what trick your brother was pulling off, avoiding the pastries, but you just let it slide, happy that he let Gilbert in. Once you came back, the little guy with the pervy mind relaxed, but he still didn't completely, not that you noticed anything. You were too concentrated on your own behaviour, which might prove itself as a traitor.

You both got up to your room, you leading the way, and you told him that you had already started drawing the first page. He quickly walked up to it, while you put the plate on your desk. You were nervous of his verdict, you didn't even dare look at him.

"That's awesome! But not as much as you......"

"R-Really? I was scared you wouldn't like it..."

"You kidding?" he replied, surprised of your answer. "Let's continue, 'kay?"

You nodded, and you were about to sit on your bed with the papers, since Gilbert took your desk chair, but he stood up, telling you that you needed it more than he did. You blushed, but you nodded nonetheless. You started drawing the next page, while Gilbert's gaze didn't leave your fingers; the lines you gave life with your pencil.

......Or so you thought.

You had to admit that he was surprisingly one hard-working fella.... After a while, you turned back to Gilbert, telling him you were done with the first three drawings and that you wanted his opinion, but you caught him staring at you. You blushed again, getting even redder this time, and turned your head back to the page before you.

"Hey, can I be honest with you?" he said, breaking the silence.

"Y-Yeah....?" you replied, turning your head to look back at him.

"You're awesome"

Your heart stopped. Did you really hear Gilbert say "You're awesome?" You. Are. AWESOME?? You were so shocked by this, completely taken by surprise, that your brain couldn't register anything else. He thought you didn't understand.

"W-Well, I mean... You know, all the stories I told my friends? I made them up because i wanted to impress them, and..... I wanted to make you jealous... To see if you might like me back... And I just can't stop thinking about you! You're always hanging around Mattie, and, well, I was jealous of that.... I became good friends with him, hoping to get to know you more, and I found a real friend in that Canadian, but not you.... And every time you blush or laugh, it makes my stomach queasy and when you're all alone, I just wanna come and be with you, talk to you..... And your drawings are so amazing, and... And..." he ran out of breath, and was struggling to get it back.

You had a huge smile on your face, and your eyes were watery. He looked up at you, and he gently wiped one of the runaway tears of joy on your cheeks. That gentleness was new.... He thought you were sad. You just noticed then that he didn't say the word "awesome" as much as he usually did up to now....

"You-You like someone else, right?" he sighed.... "I'm so stupid!"

He was about to probably leave, but you gathered all of your courage and you gave him a huge hug. He froze there, but he hugged you back. Then, once you parted, he saw that you had maybe the biggest smiles I the whole world, which confused him.

"I-I like you t-too!" you softly said, still in that "courage" phase.

Gilbert smiled and lowered his head to be closer to you, gingerly holding your chin with his thumb and index fingers, your lips only inches apart. You could hear your heart race in your head, and your cheeks, you thought you were going numb since you couldn't feel them anymore.

"You're freaking awesome" he corrected, the usual smirk back on his lips, closing the gap between you.
......Turns out you and your Prussian friend got a French snack after all~! ;P


Whadda you think? I think he's OOC..... TT^TT I have been told that he's not. I'M SO HAPPEH~XD

Ayways, that was a request for :iconrainbowpandaa:
She wanted a Prussia x Shy!Reader school story~~
I really, really hope you like it~!!

The idea of the project comes from the one I'm doing at school.... and the "no stickman" thing, a comment from my own teacher~ XD

If you see any mistakes, tell me, and if you have any questions, ask away~!
---------> Feedback is always appreciated! It always warms my heart~ <---------

I just own the fic, nothing else :3

~XxViidGamexX <3
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At the beginning, the English teacher told you to answer three questions on a piece of paper. But later on, the teacher said there's a ten-page comic strip due in two weeks. I was quite confused, but don't worry, it's just a small typo. Aside from that, great fanfic! It was really awesome, and it is awesome as Prussia XD
Sherrywithpink Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2015
The teacher said we should write our superpowers and stuff. And after we finished, he told us to write a comic strip based on what we wrote.
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and then in walks Iggy...


and on goes the sass...

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and up goes the finger and le gigantic smirk
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Prussia (Evil Sneaky Plan) [V5] 
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the story ends with you getting in trouble and gilbret getting chased out of the house
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